Monday, January 4, 2016

LDI "Overdose"

Hello! A ton has happened lately and I'm sorry I haven't been around to blog about it.

This post is just a quick update about my shots. But I should have a longer post coming sometime this week as well. 

My LDI shots have come to a complete hault for 7 weeks. You see since they have been shooting me up with dead Lyme Bacteria every 10-14 days I have been doing much better. And when day 12(ish) comes along and I feel it wearing off I get another booster. The only thing is they dilute the shot less and less each time. They can't give you the full blown dead bacteria because that would cause awful herxhimer reactions because the antibodies aren't built up to fight it off. It would sorta be like cannon balling into the worlds hottest hot tub. You need to slowly work your way up to where your body has just enough stamina to fight off the LDI (and thus reprogram, essentially your immune system to fight off the Lyme). As your immune system gets stronger the idea is you will then need less and less of the booster so that your body can just take care of the Lyme itself. 

I am at the stage where they are still finding just the right amount of dilute to dead Lyme, so that I feel good for a full 2 weeks with a decrease in symptoms. The ideal way to find it would be to just have me say "these past 2 weeks have been great, let's see how long I can go on this booster until I feel I need another one." Like I said, that's the ideal pathway of the concept of LDI for Lyme... But that's the key, it's Lyme, it throws a wrench in everything somehow, it finds a way.

December 22nd I went in for a shot I started at "15c" and had worked my way to "9c" (I'm not sure what the "c" stands for), I still felt like it was wearing off at day 9 or 10. So naturally they went from 10 to 9. And it was too high! It sent my body into a huge Herxhimer Reaction! I am still feeling the effects. My doctor had told me that I would know if it was too high because all my symptoms would come back, and I'd herx (if you want to know what a herx is click here)... 

December 23rd I had a mental break down. I was aching all over. My depression and anxiety kicked in full swing, with in one day I went from excited for Christmas, to not even wanting to participate in the season at all. With my thoughts dark again and myself feeling like I was being hit with emotional tidal wave after tidal wave, I was a mess. I knew it was too high. I had gone a month and a half without needing a nap, and I had gone 3 weeks of sleeping all night! Suddenly, I am now laying awake until 2 or 3am... Or waking up at 1 and not going back. My brain fog has kicked in full swing again. I'm in pain. It's just all super frustrating. 

The good thing is, we know that "9c" is too high. So now after we wait 7 weeks for my antibodies to calm down and it all to get out of my system, I can drop to "10c" and stay there. And work my body into it. That is the new plan with moving forward. It's a minor 7 week set back. But the doctor thinks within 2 or 3 years of these shots, and spacing them out I won't need them anymore, I can officially be in remission! And that's the goal. That's the destination. 

So here's to a new year of fighting Lyme in a new way! 

-The Lyme Warrior