Sunday, April 23, 2017

"Try to be Alive"

I have recently had a turn of symptoms, for better. It has been slow, but since in January when I decided that this year I am going to get into remission, things have improved greatly. They have gotten so great, in fact, that I am now no longer taking antibiotics to treat my Lyme! This is a huge step in the process of getting better, and since I have been off of the antibiotics, I feel great! I used to take about 20 to 30 meds/supplements/vitamins/oils day and night, now I take about 4 in the morning and 8 at night! Things are improving in huge amounts.

For this summer, I am home from school. I attended college at Brigham Young University Idaho. This time for me to be home is for 2 things, 1-to work and 2-to get better. I am home to do Chealtion treatments. This is to help get rid of heavy metals that have built up in my body that Lyme hasn't allowed me to detox. Chelation is a simple poke of a needle and an IV is hooked up to it and a saline solution is pumped into me to clean out my body of heavy metals. In doing this, it is hopeful that my depression and anxiety will improve.
Me getting a Chelation Push last summer (2016)

Also, while I am home, I am going to take the advice of Ernest Hemingway:

I am going to, "Try to be alive." The main thing I like about this quote this the part on sleep. I still have to take sleeping medicine, I tried this week to go without it, and I didn't sleep the whole week, but 45 minutes. It was rough. However, this summer I want to work to the point where I don't need to sleep, really deeply, and the whole night, and wake up feeling completely rested, I don't want to do these with sleeping medicine. 

Lyme has hindered my way of living for a long time now, and I have made it work in ways that I didn't like, but I had to do. Now, I am fighting more than ever this summer to get my life back to the way that I want it. This summer I am going to "Try to be alive."