Sunday, January 11, 2015

Asthma and Lyme

This is a post that I wrote about a month ago, around the beginning of December. I didn't post it because I started reflecting a bunch more on my mission and how I should have been coming home around that time, so I didn't post this. But I think it's an interesting point of view to look at. How my Lyme Disease got to my lungs a little bit. And where I am not hacking up a lung constantly anymore. I do notice that when I play basketball and actually do start to work up a sweat I do have frequent Asthma attacks now, so here is this post, better late than never right? 

So if you read this blog, you are obviously familiar with the fact that I have Lyme Disease, but what many don't know is I also have another disease, not as serious as Lyme, but has been a part of my life since I was about 4 years old. It is called Reactive Airway is also known as Asthma. They are used interchangeably basically with Reactive Airway Disease you have a trigger that makes you have an asthma attack. My trigger is when I get a cold, or sickness of some sort my airways constrict and I get a nasty wheezing cough along with my sickness.

It has been easy for me to live with Asthma, I was able to get it under control from age 8 to age 13 by doing swim team in the summer, it opened up my lungs and I felt great. I always had flareups during winter and basketball season, but I could easily get a handle on it and keep my asthma in check.
On my mission the humidity was good for my lungs, I never had an attack, I had an inhaler close by but never had any use for it. Coming home and earlier this year getting diagnosed with Lyme I had that fear in the back of my mind of my asthma kicking in because I am so sick. It hasn't happened until this past month it finally hit.

Reactive Airway Disease and Lyme Disease have clashed together in my body this past week. Not only do I have flu like symptoms, and a fever and an early onset Alzhimers brain infested with spirochete (the Lyme bacteria), but now my lungs are reacting to the sickness and I am struggling to breath.

There are some I good things that have come with this, I have been all but forced to take desperate measures that I wouldn't have done otherwise... I have gotten a gym pass. No not to work out, I wish I could but I have absolutely no energy to work out. No, I got the pass so I can detox and sweat it all out in a sauna.

I have also tightened up on eating better. Having green smoothies for breakfast, all but cutting sugar out, and just all around trying every possible way to feel better. I may have to even go gluten free, and gosh darn it, I'll do just about anything now to feel better. I got to the point where I finally said "I can't handle both diseases!" I told myself that I can handle lungs being inflamed, OR I can handle an infested brain. But both is just killing me. And now that I have a portion of it under control and can breath a little bit better, I just know I don't want to get so run down by Lyme, that I can't breath and my asthma flares up again. Because it's just too much!

That is how I was feeling those couple weeks in December, I felt like I couldn't handle both. I was very overwhelmed. Things from the asthma aspect have obviously calmed down since then and I don't feel super run down, but for a little bit there I was very overwhelmed.