Tuesday, May 12, 2015


This is going to be one of the shortest blogs of my life....

Neal A. Maxwell once said "Irony is the crust to the bread of adversity."

And where we all face ironies like, the soccer star that tears their ACL before the big game. Or you get honked at for your driving and you drive a car that your just glad it started this morning, there's no way you are pushing it today (oh wait... That might just be me and my car.) But we all face those little nagging things that eat at us. That bug us and it's like "oh yes please just twist the knife in a little deeper." 

Well I'm having one of those moments today... Today is MAY 12th, national Lyme Awarness Day.... How ironic is it, that the exact day set apart for raising awarness for a disease that is being treated by our government as nonexistent, how ironic to see on this same day, it is also my birthday. And I have Lyme Disease. Wow. At first I was like oh well small world. But now I think about it and I'm like, ouch that sucks... Please just twist the knife a little deeper than it already is. 

It's so weird how ironies sort of naw at us. But oh well! It's not going to ruin my birthday! :)

-The Lyme Warrior