Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Symptoms (the master list)

So some poor soul out there, probably waiting for a cure for their Lyme Disease, has made a master list of all the recorded symptoms of Lyme Disease. I have just posted the ones that I either 1) have had in the past, 2) am currently having right now, 3) appeared before I was diagnosed or, 4) some that just come and go. And of course there are those symptoms that have been with me through it all. Anyways, here is the list of my symptoms:

Abnormal sensitivity to hot or cold
Cold hands and feet
Extreme fatigue after minimal exertion
Cold sores
Low blood pressure
Lymph-nodes painful, swollen
Night sweats
insulin resistance
"Brianfog"; inability to think clearly
Difficulty moving tongue to speak
Diminished or absent reflexes
Fainting or blackouts; feeling like you might faint
Joint or arthritic pain not relieved by NSAIDs (i.e., ibuprofen)
Light-headedness, feeling spaced out
Migraine headaches
Muscle twitching
Noise intolerance
Paralysis (bells palsy)
Paresthesias (numbness, tingling, crawling, itching sensations) in face, head, torso, extremities
Sensory alterations (sent is strong as a pregnant woman)
Tremors, trembling
Becoming lost in familiar locations when driving
Difficulty with simple calculations
Difficulty expressing ideas in words
Difficulty moving your mouth to speak
Difficulty making decisions
Difficulty following directions while driving
Difficulty remembering names of objects
Difficulty remembering names of people
Difficulty remembering faces
Difficulty recognizing faces
Difficulty following simple written instructions
Difficulty following complicated written instructions
Difficulty following simple oral (spoken) instructions
Difficulty following complicated oral instructions
Difficulty integrating information (Putting ideas together to form a complete picture or concept)
Difficulty putting tasks or things in proper sequence
Difficulty paying attention
Difficulty following a conversation when background noise is present
Difficulty making and/or retrieving memories
Difficulty understanding what you read
Easily distracted during tasks
Feeling too disoriented to drive
Forgetting how to do routine things
Forgetting the use of common objects (such as, what to do with the shampoo when you are standing in the shower)
Forgetting how to get to familiar places
Impaired ability to concentrate
Losing your train of thought in the middle of a sentence
Losing track in the middle of a task (can't remember what to do next)
Poor judgment
switching left and right (confusing)
Word-finding difficulty when describing something
Using the wrong word when speaking
Decreased appetite
Frequent constipation
Food cravings (especially carbs and sweets)
Increased appetite
Nausea (extreme)
Unexplained weight gain or loss
Dysequillbrium (balance problems)
impaired coordination
Dizziness or vertigo
Words on printed page appear to jump off page or disappear when staring at them
Acuity changes not related to prescription changes
Prescription changes more frequently
Swelling around eyes
Disease when you turn your head or move too quickly
Intermittent joint swelling
Joint aches (arthralgia)
Morning stiffness
Generalized pain
Abrupt?unpredictable mood swings
Anxiety or fear for no obvious reason
Appetite increase/decrease
Decreased self-esteem
Depression or depressed mood
Feeling helpless and/or hopeless
Feeling worthless
Frequent crying for no reason
Helpless/hopeless feelings
Inability to enjoy previously enjoyed activities
Irritability; over-reactions
New phobias/irrational fears
Panic attacks
Personality changes
Rage attacks for little or no reason
Suicidal thoughts
Food sensitivities
Bruise easily for no reason at all
Altered sleep/wake patterns
Difficulty falling asleep
Difficulty staying asleep
Nightmares (frequent, extremely vivid and disturbing)
Unrefreshing/Non-restorative sleep
Abnormal or other changes in sweating
Activity level reduced to less than 50% of pre-onset level
Delayed reaction to overactivity/exertion (onset 24-48 hours after exertion)
Electromagnetic (EM) sensitivity (Electrical storms, full moon, affect function of electrical devices)
Fatigue, prolonged, disabling, made worse by exertion or stress
Periods of concentrated thinking causes physical and mental exhaustion
Symptons worsened by extremems of temperature (hot, cold), stress, and/or air travel
Thickened "sleep" around eyes in mornings

So there ya have it, that is the story of my life since December 2013. There are an estimated 300+ symptoms of Lyme if you want to read all of them, CLICK HERE! It is the most up to date full list I could find, it was last updated January 2014.

Now I have to add a sorta warning with this: Do no freak out and see a few of these signs and think you might have Lyme. You would be very VERY sick. However if you have been sick for a while and can't seem to find answers and your symptoms are on this list, I would suggest contacting your local LLMD (lyme literate MD), and setting up an appointment!

-The Lyme Warrior